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1 Day Introduction to Dementia Care



Course Overview


People with dementia can be challenging to support, especially if staff do not understand the condition, and why people behave in the way that they do. This course aims to help staff and carers to understand how the types of Dementia can affect behaviour and how to care for a resident with dementia.  Attendees will gain a good basic understanding of how dementia affects the individual and gain insight into how to support people with the condition.


Course Schedule


  • What is dementia?

  • Signs & Symptoms of Alzheimers and vascular Dementia.

  • Impact of Dementia on aspects of cognative function and behaviour.

  • Practical stratagies to assist individuals with Dementia in everyday activities.

  • promoting a safe and suitable environment and improving the residential experiance.

  • De-escalation techniques - avoiding conflict and managing aggression

  • The impact of Dementia on the family: understanding loss and the experiances of those close to the personwith Dementia.

  • Q&A

  • Debrief and Close.



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