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Moving and Handling


Course Overview


This course is designed around moving people using specialist equipment and falls under the Manual Handling Operations Regulations 1992 (amended in 2002). A certificate is issued on completion of the course. Training is at the clients venue or a venue supplied by the client that houses the necessary equipment. Max 8 persons per course

Included in the price of this course: certificate


Course Schedule


• Legislation

• Anatomy and posture

• Mechanics of injury

• Back care and exercise

• Principles of safe handling and efficient movement (applied to       inanimate objects)

• Ergonomic risk assessment

• Condemned manoeuvres

• Practical session covering use of walking aids; ascending, descending     stairs; hoists and slings; transfer boards; client to and from chair; sit to   stand; moving in bed and dealing with the fallen client

• Debrief and course closure.

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