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Fire Warden


Course Overview


On the 1st October 2006 new legislation came into force in England and Wales impacting on all commercial premises, it firmly places the responsibility for fire safety on the 'employer' or the person to any extent in control of commercial buildings or premises.

Fire authorities are responsible for enforcing the new fire safety order and have the authority to inspect your premises at any time. Failure to comply with the requirements of the Fire Safety Order 2005 could lead to enforcement action, prosecution proceedings a fine or even imprisonment.

Included in the cost of this course: certificate


Course Schedule

• Introduction and fire legislation

• Responsibilities of the fire warden

• Evacuation procedures, sweeping and searching the area

• Directing people to exits

• Liasing with the fire brigade

• Safe use and storage of flammable and explosive materials

• Understanding sprinklers and gas flooding systems

• Reporting faults / incidents / near misses

• Debrief and course closure


Fire Awareness


Course Overview


This course is for all employees on how to reduce fires in the workplace and what their actions would be if a fire were to occur. This course complies with the Fire Safety Order 2005 and Health and Safety Legislation.

Included in the price of this course: certificate


Course Schedule

• Fire legislation

• Fire hazards; classification of fires; extinguishment of fires

• Fire action plan; discovering a fire; raising the alarm; fire brigade call out

• Alerting visitors and members of the public, evacuation procedures; safety measures

• Escape routes + alternative routes; function of fire doors; familiarity of routes to use

• Assemble areas

• Safe storage of flammable and explosive materials; good houskeeping

• Debrief and course closure

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